What It Takes to Be a Dog Owner

cute puppy

Seeing a cute puppy sometimes made people want to have a dog, along with seeing someone walk their dog, a dog post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, dog videos on YouTube, and many more. But what people need to realize is being a dog owner is nothing but extra work in your life, imagine it like having a child with a shorter amount of commitment. It will only be as rewarding as the amount of effort that you put into the dog’s life. If you are curious about what it takes, here are four main factors of what you need to have to be a dog owner.


a running dogAll of the things that I mention below such as time, love and money will mean nothing if you do not have the dedication to be a dog owner. Being committed involves thinking ahead of time, so imagine the next ten years of that dog’s life and whether your lifestyle will be suitable for a furry animal or not. There are many questions that you have to ask yourself to test how much effort are you willing to put in your pet’s life and if you are okay with changing some things in your life if it has to go that way.


Obviously, you can’t just have a dog and be busy with your life twenty-four seven. Since the dog is part of your life, you need to make time for it because otherwise, it won’t be fair for the four-legged human’s best friend. Know that while you may have other things to be busy with and to interact with, he has only you as the only other living creature that he can play with and get excited about. Besides, how do you expect your pet to be close to you if you don’t even have the time to play with it.

Love and Money

cool dogIf you are just thinking to have a dog because you need something cute, a guard, or it is an impulsive decision, and you dislike the animal, just do not do it. You are only going to make another living being suffer from your choice and there is nothing good about that. Though if love is the only thing that you have for the dog as well, it is sadly not enough and you have to let go of the idea. Love may only be the feeling that you have towards him, but you need way much more than just that to have a dog.

Lastly, money is a huge factor that people should really think about when they are getting this mammal. Taking care of a dog is not cheap, you have to buy dog food, collar, toys, bed, pay for a vet visit, and many others.