Eight Top Vehicle Maintenance Tips

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Today, wheels are essential than ever because they offer both freedom and comfort. And that is not all. If you have a car then its necessary that you carry out periodic maintenance to assure it runs optimally. The vehicle preservation tips as discussed below are helpful and will make sure that your auto serves you for long.

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Have servicing schedule

Vehicle or car servicing is significant if you wish to keep your automobile in excellent working condition. Go for maintaining as recommended by your car manufacturer. Besides, you can consider going for repairing on a monthly or quarterly basis. It is the only way to keep your car safe and secure on the road.


Change oil

Switching car oil at frequent intervals is decisive. Apart from that, you should also make sure that you shift the coolant, transmission fluids, brakes, wiper fluid just to mention a few. You must investigate your cars oil level at least once in a week if you drive a new car and daily for the old autos.


Replace oil filter

Most car owners don’t know the ideal time to swap their oil filter. It’s a grand idea to have your oil filter changes everytime you rotate your oil. Most car and oil makers suggest that you should change your oil filter every three months or after 3000 miles. You will get the best oil filters from reputable suppliers online.


Monitor battery

It’s also crucial to check the car battery at least once every month. Ordinarily, the life of your vehicle battery will depend on how persistent you use the car. Make sure that you change your battery immediately if it has exceeded its lifespan to prevent causing damage to the engine.


Check tire pressure

You should check your cars tire pressure level weekly since tires form the base of the car. In simple terms, well-inflated tires balance the car and make movements a breeze. If your tires are not correctly inflated then your ride will be unbalanced, and your tires will wear out quickly. So check your tire pressure weekly to be on the safe side.


Verify coolant

Before leaving your home, it’s vital to check the level of the coolant to minimize the chances of your engine overheating. When you run your car, combustion takes place in the engines burning chamber that attains extraordinary temperatures. The coolant prevents overheating by dropping the engine temperature.

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Inspect cars gauges

After starting your engine, you must check the oil pressure gauge, voltage gauge, fuel gauge, temperature gauge as well as the air pressure gauge. If any of them is not in regular condition, then something might be amiss.


Clean the vehicle

You must keep your wheels neat for the best performance. The dirt and dust react with the air and have a devastating effect on the exterior of your car. So its necessary to wash your automobile repeatedly to sidestep rusting.

The basic maintenance suggestions presented in this post will help you realize optimal performance and give extended life to your car. The hints will help you to save money that you could have spent on repairs.